tty a.k.a Teletypewriter

Teletypewriter is Print the file name of the terminal is connected to standard input. Or other definition isTeletypewriter is a teletype unit. Terms for teleprinter equipment and basic equipment manufactured by Teletype Corporation. Tools are widely used as units of input atau output in computer systems, TTY abbreviated.
'Teletypewriter' its linux ...
how to open tty is push `CTRL + ALT + F1` from 'X'.
Well the problem is, sometimes if we make linux and we do not install 'X' and only use console, the number of screen tty is limited, usually only six sequences from `ALT + F1` to `ALT + F6`, because `ALT + F7` is used to return to view 'X' ( This is the case if we go out to the console when we already in 'X' ).

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